Let’s take your business to the next level.

Suzanne Cyr is an award-winning entrepreneur, business strategist, veteran networker, and revenue generator with a 30-year track record of transforming multiple business ventures into well-publicized success stories.

Through Cyrious Connections, she offers reliable counsel, resourceful connections and executive-level capabilities to businesses of all sizes.

Learn from Suzanne’s hands-on experience before you launch, rebuild or grow your business.


I launched Cyrious Connections to channel my passion for connecting businesses to the right opportunities and the right people—to get the right results.

— Suzanne Cyr, President


Launching a Business?

Suzanne’s expertise has helped clients win New Company of the Year business awards, guiding them from local to national markets with a North American reach.

You can count on Suzanne to help you navigate through many of the uncertainties while identifying the resources or contacts you’ll need to launch successfully.

Avoid expensive learning curves by getting a seasoned business expert’s advice.


Planning a
Product Launch?

Sought after for her tenaciousness and in-depth focus, Suzanne has helped businesses expand into residential and commercial markets. She has also helped startups accelerate sales growth and forge new relationships with major sales channel partners like Bell Canada, Costco and Canadian Tire.

Suzanne has a long and consistent track record of exceeding operational targets, finding savings, and achieving sales records year over year.

Rebuilding Your Business

If your business has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Suzanne can help your business pivot, retool and recover by:

  • Helping you understand and resolve specific business challenges
  • Suggesting ways to increase your bottom line
  • Filling an executive-level role (part-time, interim, full-time)
  • Offering honest and insightful opinions about a business opportunity
  • Reviewing your business plan, proposal or pitch deck
  • Proving to your team how proper networking can skyrocket your success (Suzanne can even network on your behalf)
  • Introducing you to contacts with specific skill sets (e.g. business leaders, investors, organizations)
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Scaling Up but
No Time for Networking?

Suzanne’s motto is: Complete the circle, connect the dots! As a Board of Trade Ambassador, she can leverage her extensive business, industry and membership relationships and introduce you to key contacts in her network.

Through the years, Suzanne has travelled extensively to represent clients, facilitate strategic introductions, or set up new businesses nationally and internationally.

As but one example, Suzanne assumed management of a resort development project in the Turks and Caicos Islands that was initially over budget and 10 weeks shy of its grand opening. She completed the project two weeks ahead of schedule and successfully balanced the budget.

Growing but Needing Specialized Resources?

Suzanne can parachute in as an immediate strategic advisor, be called upon to fill an executive-level vacancy—or quickly help find someone who’s the right fit to do so!

As a recent example, Suzanne was asked to help a company find a suitable CEO. While filling the Interim CEO role, Suzanne was asked by the board to stop the search and take on the position for the longer term. Her hands-on involvement scaled up the company successfully while launching and growing two other companies.

Other leadership and business development roles include setting up a franchise infrastructure, tripling the sales growth of a high-tech tracking device, overseeing operations and staffing in the petroleum industry, managing (then selling) a convenience store and restaurant, and expanding market share through a merger.

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Suzanne was one of the first people I met early on in my days at CanSIA - she was and is dedicated, energetic and determined. When you work with Suzanne you get 150% of her efforts. She has a great understanding of people and she is warm and gracious. With Rimikon, Suzanne has now moved into a very interesting area that blends sustainability and energy efficiency - and she is dynamite.”

Elizabeth McDonald,
Board Member Sustainable Buildings Canada


“Sue sought my expertise in property taxation in order to assist with helping solar panel subscribers understand the impact of such a system on their property assessment and subsequently, their property taxes. During this experience, I witnessed a tireless professional who strived to ensure the end-user understood all that was involved in such an undertaking. I recently found out that SolPowered has been the recipient of many industry awards. With so many successful projects and considering the team of professionals at SolPowered, it is not surprising.”

Pierre Azzi,
Senior Manager Property Tax Services at MNP

“Suzanne is a top-notch, high energy entrepreneur who gets things done. It was a privilege to partner with her at SolPowered Energy Corp. where I witnessed her ‘can-do’ attitude and one of the most cultivated and extensive business networks I have ever seen.”

Mike Perrault,
President Rematek Énergie Inc.


“Suzanne has the coveted quality of leadership: she is capable of inspiring teams to achieve the impossible (or at least the ‘near impossible’, against all odds). She is able to see the end from the beginning: to embrace a vision of the larger picture; size up short-term and long-term goals and objectives; develop strategies for achieving those objectives, and then “rolling up her sleeves” to implement the strategy. She works well in teams; knows how to delegate, how to keep projects on track; takes counsel well; and is never reluctant to change course when necessary. She is a quick study, adaptable and fearless. Perhaps most importantly for a chief executive or executive director, no one ‘works a room’ like Suzanne. Her relationship building skills are exceptional. She has the uncanny ability of making everyone she talks to feel valued and important; she listens; she engages; and she inspires. Her work ethic is astonishing; her integrity beyond reproach.

Robert J.D. Nadeau,
Partner Kerr & Nadeau


More About Suzanne

  • Extensive B2B network spanning multiple industries, including 2,300+ LinkedIn contacts
  • Effective communicator and negotiator (investors, funding, contracts, sales)
  • Budget-conscious (financial controls) and progress, deadline and goal-driven
  • Competent multi-tasker with meticulous attention to detail—and an efficient process
  • Effective team-builder and savvy business talent scout
  • Relationship builder internally (employee, member, committee, board and stakeholder relations)
  • Effective connector externally (customers/clients, media and the public)
  • Fluently bilingual (French and English)